DockVision Comparison

DockVision not only outperforms other docking programs in terms of results, it outperforms them in ease-of-use as well. 
Tedious tasks are automated, the GUI lends an approachable interface to the concrete power of the application, and Real Time analysis tools let you analyse your data how you want, when you want

Other Docking Programs
expect to spend hours to set up and hours to learn other programs set up and learning time are minimal 
user interface is text-based, not easy to use or follow flow-chart based Graphical User Interface is easily comprehensible, guides you through your work
parameters must be entered by hand, consuming valuable time automated parameter assignment saves you time 
switch frequently between applications in order to analyse data provides you with all of the tools, all in one place 

DockVision will revolutionize the way you work.

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