DockVision Reviews

DockVision has already demonstrated its convenience, efficiency, and productivity to scientists. Following are some of the comments about DockVision given by DockVision users.

"The success of DockVision in CASP2 challenge shows the potential of this
program in molecular docking. The easy to use GUI interface is superb. I use it
routinely for database screening."
Asim K. Debnath, Ph.D.
Assistant Member 
Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute 
The New York Blood Center

"I am using DockVision for about 1 year. [...] the best fit structure was almost identical to the X-ray structure. This was not achieved using other docking programs. The graphical interface of the program makes it extremely easy to use."

Dr. Istvan Enyedy 
The Catholic University of America 
Chemistry Department 
Maloney Hall  

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